Structural Projects

As consulting Engineers based in North Queensland we are very familiar with the environmental and regional requirements of building in the tropics.  To this end we have strict quality systems in place to ensure that the most up to date information and latest technological developments are used in our designs. 
The structural engineering benefits we bring to our projects include the following: 
• 3D modeling of projects 
• Conventional Buildings (Commercial, Institutional and Residential)  
• Special Purpose Buildings (including Educational, Recreational,  
  Hospital and Health Care)  
• Shopping Centres  
• Hotels and Resort Developments  
• Industrial Buildings and Warehouses  
• Prestige Residences 
• Walkways and Bridges  
• Pools and aquatic centers 
• Formwork and false work 
Client Liaison 
• Liaise closely with client throughout project on progress and  
• Guidance and advice on implications of all structural engineering  
Feasibility and Planning 
• Advice on structural design options for preliminary cost estimates  
• Assist in selection of other specialist consultants e.g. Geotechnical  
Preliminary Design and Design Development 
• Development of alternative preliminary designs  
• Refinement of design options  
• Assistance in determination of preferred design solution  
Software Expertise 
• SpaceGass for analysis and design 
• Microstran for analysis and design 
• RC Building for Finite element analysis 
• Slabs for Finite element analysis 
• Design in Hyne timber design 
• Mathcad for analysis and design 
• Aries for tiltup anaylis and design 
• Revit for 3D modeling and drafting 
• AutoCAD for drafting 
• 3D images and perspectives of projects 
• Complete design of all structural elements  
• Detail drawings and technical specifications of all structural  
  elements ready for tender/construction  
• Form 15 certification 
• Precast panel shop detailing 
Remedial Engineering 
• Inspection / audit 
• Analysis 
• Repair methodologies 
Site Services 
• Assistance with progress definition plans (PDP) and design reports 
• Dilapidation reports on buildings adjacent to proposed project (pre- 
• Checking of tests results for structural construction materials  
• Reporting on site progress  
• Ensure the project proceeds in accordance with the intent of the  
  structural design  
• Attend site meetings as required  
• Reviewing structural elements of shop drawings  
• Co-ordinating design activities with site requirements  
• Commissioning of geotechnical engineer and surveyor 
• Form 16 certification 
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