Civil Projects

As North Queensland consulting engineers we are very familiar with the environmental conditions and requirements of construction in the tropics.  To achieve this we have strict quality systems in place to ensure that the most up to date information and latest technological developments are used in our designs. 
As civil engineering consultants our team can bring the following benefits to your project: 
• State Controlled Roads (Main Roads) 
• Local Government Controlled Roads (Local Roads) 
• Industrial and Residential Sub Divisions  
• Local Area Traffic Management  
• Stormwater Drainage Studies 
• Water Supply and Sewerage Reticulation 
• Sewerage Pumping Stations 
• Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Management  
• Stormwater quality management 
Client Liaison 
• Liaise closely with client throughout the project on progress and  
• Guidance and advice on implications of all civil engineering matters  
• Preparation of project progress reports  
Feasibility and Planning 
• Advice on design options for preliminary cost estimates  
• Preparation of feasibility cost estimates  
• Assisting in environmental impact assessment  
• Co-ordination of subconsultants (e.g. Surveyor, Town Planner,  
  Geotechnical, Landscape Architects)  
• Preliminary liaison and negotiations with Councils and other  
  Statutory Authorities  
Preliminary Design and Design Development 
• Develop alternative preliminary designs  
• Refinement of design options  
• Assistance in determination of preferred design solution  
Software Expertise 
• CIRCLY for pavement design 
• aaSIDRA for Intersection assessment 
• 12D and Civil3D for earthworks and road Design 
• XPStorm for drainage design 
• WaterCAD for network analysis 
• ARNDT for roundabout design 
• MUSIC for stormwater quality 
• AutoCAD for drafting 
• HECRAS for hydraulic analysis 
• Auto Turn for vehicle movements 
• Complete design of all civil elements  
• Detail drawings and technical specifications for authority approval  
  and tender/construction  
• Calculation and scheduling of quantities  
• Preparation of detailed estimate of cost  
Authority Approvals 
• Negotiation with Authorities for development conditions  
• Liaison with Councils and other Authorities during design and  
  construction and obtaining Authority approvals  
• Provide Design certification and Certificate of Completion in  
  accordance with conditions of Authority Approval  
Tendering and Contract Administration 
• Prepare tender documents  
• Call tenders and evaluate tender submissions  
• Tender award and preparation of Contract Documents 
• Contract administration of project  
• Certification of payment claims  
Site Services 
• Check test results for civil construction materials  
• Conduct site inspections and report on site progress  
• Attend site meetings as required  
• Preparation of "as constructed" plans.  
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